Percussion duo | Dayton, OH

hi, we're Neutrals!

Here's some quick info about us:

-Neutrals (Evan Miller & Andrew Seivert) is a percussion duo from Dayton, OH, formed in 2016.

-We operate as two groups at once in a way: our playing foundations formed through playing percussion chamber music, but we started "officially" playing together as improvisers. We like to think that both things influence each other. That is to say, we can be purely one thing or the other, or a mixture of both. We're flexible!

-The music we play boils down to a few things: drone and texture-based percussion/electronics improvised music, and on the other end, some established repertoire but mostly our own commissions drawn from our community of like-minded composer friends (a Midwestern connection is key for us).

-Recent performance venues include So Percussion's Brooklyn Bound series (NYC), 2018 Nelsonville Music Festival and 2018 Athens International Film & Video Festival (as part of NOBROW.collective), 2018 Wright State University Percussion Festival, Frick Fine Arts Auditorium at University of Pittsburgh, Tympanum (Detroit, MI), The Spot Tavern (Lafayette, IN), and WYSO's Alpha Rhythms program. 

-Here's some links to find us elsewhere online:

Here's some samples of our work:

Live performance from State Street Pub (Indianapolis)

Rob Funkhouser's Surfaces

Tristan Perich's Observations

Our first album, "0318" (two pieces of live improvisation, released on Alien Passengers)

Nate May's Rhizosphere (premiere performance in Pittsburgh, PA)

Sarah Hennies' Flourish (live at Chase Public in Cincinnati, OH)

Rob Funkhouser's Directionless (from his album "Iteration & Revision" on Medium Sound)